Shroud and N0thing Benched! Rush and Tarik to C9! HUGE Gambling Site Bug and EliGE Won’t Join IBP

Trade Skins Sneaky Fast!:
00:19 – NA Shuffle Has Began with C9 and OpTic!
1:33 – Will EliGE Join Ex-iBuyPower Guys?
2:12 – Will fnx go to OpTic?
2:52 – HUGE Gambling Site Exploited for $15,000
3:57 – North 5th Member Announcement Soon!
4:12 – Gambit’s Newest Member!
4:45 – ESL Pro League Roster Lock POSTPONED!
5:19 – Do Mojo and Bucks Have Some Beef?
5:59 – Apologizing to you guys
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