How to Play Open-Face Chinese Poker and Pineapple – Rules, Scoring

In this video we’ll teach you everything you need to know to play Open-Face Chinese Poker (OFC) and Pineapple, including how to keep score.

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If you already know regular Chinese, dive right into this video and learn traditional open-face Chinese poker, as well as the popular spin-off game Pineapple. If not, check out our video on how to play regular Chinese Poker.

Watch the video to learn basic OFC gameplay, how to deal, how to set your top, middle and bottom hands, how to score royalties and how to go to Fantasy Land. Regular OFC can be played with two, three or four people but if you’re playing Pineapple, three’s the maximum.

Open-face is a lot like regular Chinese poker. The point is to finish the hand with three poker hands: two five-card hands and a three-card hand. The twist is, you don’t get to see all your cards at the beginning of the hand.

Each player gets five cards to start and has to set them to begin building their top, middle and bottom hands. Then everyone gets one card per turn to add to their hands. In Pineapple, each player gets three cards per turn, two of which are added to their hand and one discarded.

Check out the video for more information on OFC and Pineapple and you’ll be teaching your friends at your next home game in no time.

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