Funny Gambling News: Mobile Bingo Comes To Cyprus With No Deposit Required

Hello everyone!
This week, we have absolutely stunning news for those mobile bingo players who love wagering free house money on bingo games while on the go. (Those who really need more details, follow us here

Funny gambling news is pretty aware about the deficit of the generous no deposit mobile bingo sites. Besides, we do know about current funny international situation, and the deficit of clever solutions in Cyprus.

We, as a responsible funny channel have informed all these lazy fat cats at G20 and those cool clever guys in Brussels requiring that if they cannot find the solution for the money crisis in Cyprus, than they should offer no deposit mobile bingo bonuses for those who are not permitted to excess their money in the Cyprus banks!!! At least they would be able to get bingo on the go

First, who have responded on our concerns, were Giggle Bingo mobile. They have decided to offer £10 welcome bonus for new players – no deposit required. Look at them! They are really cool!

These guys not only have managed to launch a first class mobile bingo platform, but offer free house cash. That we call real European generosity. Now, mobile bingo games fans especially those in Cyprus, will be delighted to know that they can entertain themselves on the go hitting bingo.

That’s all the most important news for now, see you next week at Funny Gambling News channel!

And an anecdote that came to mind uploading the video: It is easier to find the God particle at the Hadron Collider than money in Cyprus banks