Albie Casino Finally Reveals Why He Never Sued Andi Eigenmann news event


Medyo relieved is like a super understatement. I was super relieved (laughs) not medyo relieved. I first found out when I was asleep. Someone woke me up and said, ‘Hey I got good news for you. Check this out.’ She showed me I think it was Fashionpulis on Twitter. I don’t have a Twitter account so I don’t know. I read it lang and then I went back to sleep. I like to sleep,” Albie shared during a blogcon for Regal Film’s ‘The Escort’ held on Valencia Events Place in QC last October 20.

Albie admitted how happy he was upon having his name cleared especially know that he can finally give his mom some peace of mind.

“Lahat naman ng nanay defender eh. She was just so happy. Because we all knew it di ba? That’s why everyone’s asking me, ‘How do you feel now that the truth is out?’ I knew this. It’s not new to me. I already knew it. She was super happy about it,” Albie shared.