FIFA 17 Group Building Issues are new to FUT 17 this season and they are a fantastic approach to make FIFA coins. Recently, EA has produced the newest Marquee Matchups 3 SBC, which is among the most widely used problem within the FIFA 17 team building that is live problems to acquire fifa coins and Gold Person packs, EPL Premium Participants bunch. You have to accomplish 4 diverse troubles here, if you prefer to accomplish Cheap FIFA 17 Marquee Matchups SBC and acquire a great deal of coins, please follow to construct inexpensive FIFA 17 Marquee Matchups Team for Liverpool vs Man Utd, Napoli v Roma, Bilbao v Real Sociedad, jurgarden v Hammarby.




Challenge 1 Napoll v Roma

Exchange a mix of players from Napoli and Roma

Requirement: Napoli Players Min.2, Roma Players Min.2,Calcio A Players Exactly 11, Team overall rating min 80, Team chemistry min 95, number of players in the squad 11.

Rewards: 1 x Gold Players Pack &1,500 coins

We don’t consider this concern is a superb expense in FIFA 17 Marquee Matchups SBC. You'll need prepare 44 participants for this problem online.


Challenge 2 Bilbao v Real Sociedad

Exchange a mix of players from the Basque Derby

Requirements: Athletic Bilbao Players Min.2, Real Sociedad players Min.2, Rare Players Min.2, Player Quality Exactly Gold, Team chemistry exactly 100, Number of players in squad is 11.

Rewards:1 x Premium Gold Players Pack


Challenge 3 Djurgarden v Hammarby

Exchange a mix of players from Djurgardens IF and Hammarby IF

Requirements: Total Players: 11, Min Chem: 85, Min Rating: 68, Min players from Djurgardens IF: 1, Min players from Hammarby IF: 1, Min players from Sweden: 6

Rewards: 1 x Premium Silver Pack & 1,000 coins


Challenge 4 Liverpool vs Man Utd

Exchange a mix of players from Liverpool and Manchester United

Requirement: Total Players: 11, Min Nations: 7, Min Chem: 100, Max Chem: 100, Min Rating: 80

Min players from Liverpool: 2, Min players from Manchester United: 2

Rewards:1 x EPL Premium Players Pack


We thought the majority of people are many looking forward to finish this group with less coins to earn the EPL Quality People pack. As under, 5k fifa coins to accomplish Concern 4 Liverpool vs Man Utd.


FIFA 17 Group Building Issues is an excellent approach to make fifa 17 point through the undesirable person cards as well as the inexpensive cards you find in the transport industry. There is without doubt that everyone need to use less coins possible to complete all FIFA 17 SBC. As follow cofifa wish to discuss the best SBC methods:

1. Whenever you begin playing FUT 17, don't toss silver players cards and your bronze until you have completed the first difficulties.

2. The participants numbers are less popular and irrelevant for SBC which means that you should use participants with lower speed, worst abilities, wasting coins that are less by doing so.

3. Final hint for who is currently starting now: you will give all player items which can be area of the obstacle when you publish your group up. You'll not need them back!